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“Our father died in 2010, at the age of 98, having lived for 54 years in the same house. My siblings and I all live at a distance and were despairing about how to empty the house and get it into shape to sell. Thank heavens for Helene!

She inspired confidence from the start, was full of helpful suggestions, and yet willing to take her cue from us as to how much or little we wanted her to do. She took care of sorting what we didn't want into donations for charity, trash, or hauling it all away.

She gave us names of reliable contractors and oversaw the re-painting of the entire inside of the house, working with us to choose colors, and with the painter to be sure it was all done correctly. She even went over the punch list with him when it was all done.

Helene found a gardener and oversaw the replanting. She worked with the realtor to get the house cleaned and staged for selling. She even bought us a dehumidifier and personally put the trash out on the curb!

In short, Helene can do everything and anything! Her prices are reasonable and the results are excellent.

Honestly, we never could have done it without her and I recommend her without reservation.”

- Wendy Muello
  Arlington, MA

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Do you need help clearing out clutter and organizing your home? Are you downsizing or about to sell your home? Don’t worry. We’ve helped dozens of clients. We’ve organized their current homes, managed their moves into new homes, and simplified their lives.

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