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Client Testimonial

“We recently had the good fortune to have Helene Vecchione, founder of More Than a Move, assist in our move to Brookhaven Retirement Community. This entailed downsizing our belongings—from both a very large home and a condominium—to a significantly smaller cottage.

Helene is a true professional. She can envision the possible. She is a caring person who rapidly assesses the situation and the people with whom she is working. She is thoughtful, creative, efficient, decisive, and instructive. She creates storage space in an almost magical way. She has connections and commands the respect of others who work quickly on her client's behalf. She gives good, though respectful, advice to help clients relinquish unnecessary belongings where emotional attachments can overcome good design sense. She knows where and how to dispose of unnecessary items.

We are thankful that we had the good fortune to have had Helene help at this time of transition. We will always be grateful to her for her assistance at this time of change in our lives.”

- Jeannette Corwin, M.D.
  Howard Corwin, M.D.
  Lexington, MA

Our Services


Those projects you've been too busy to get to? We'll tackle them, gently purging what you don't need, and giving you tips for avoiding messes in the future.

TIP: Make a schedule you can stick to, maybe just an hour or two at a time.




Even Martha Stewart must dread the prospect of organizing her belongings every now and then. When we organize yours, you'll be surprised how good it feels to live in a calm, pleasant space where everything's in its place.

TIP: Don't get overwhelmed. Pick a single area of your home to organize—for example, kitchen, office, or just one closet.




Don't spend time and energy dragging items you no longer want to the curb or to resale venues. We'll manage them for you: donations, estate sale, or consignment.

TIP: Use clearly labeled boxes and bags for Keep, Toss, Donate, and Sell.




Professional home staging has become common practice in the real estate market. How your home presents to buyers is critical to how fast it sells, as well as the eventual sale price. You'll get a nice return for your effort at the closing.

When we stage your home for open houses and viewings, it will look so good you might wonder why you didn't do this sooner.

TIP: Remove excess furniture and clutter so potential buyers can envision themselves in the space. Keep all areas clear and keep cat litter boxes out of sight.

Move Management

Leaving one home for another is a huge undertaking. We'll eliminate the stress of sorting, packing, and deciding what to keep, sell, donate, or throw away. We'll hire movers you can trust to treat your stuff with care, and we'll be there when everything arrives at your new location.

TIP: Two weeks before you move, obtain change of address forms. Fill them out and drop them off at the Post Office.

New Home Setup

Let your new living space be a place you love to come home to. We'll help you arrange your furniture and other belongings in a way that's both pleasing and functional. We'll even paint your walls and help you hang your pictures.

Welcome Home!