More Than a Move

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Client Testimonial

“Recently, my husband and I relocated from Arlington, Massachusetts to North Carolina on a very compressed schedule, as well as needing to downsize our belongings by half. We could not have done it without Helene —she was a one-stop shop for us.

She expertly staged and prepared our house for a quick sale, handled all the logistics of packing and moving, and provided invaluable advice and moral support along the way. Her services went above and beyond simply being professional and competent—she is a miracle worker!

I would not hesitate to recommend Helene to anyone needing to scale down, move, or simply get advice on how to make your home look better and be more efficient.”

- Shirley and Merle Braley
  Chapel Hill, NC

Our Team

photograph of Helene Vecchione, owner of More Than A Move

Helene Vecchione, Owner

Before I founded More Than a Move in 2006, I spent 25 years as a project manager in the event planning business.

Each individual works differently. I've helped many clients organize their homes and offices to be more functional, but the projects weren't all the same. Each project was designed for a client's particular needs; some prefer more structure, others want more flexibility. I adjust my style to suit the client.

I'm a hands-on helper, not just a coach. I'm strong and agile, and I've crawled into some pretty small spaces! Over the years I've developed a dedicated and top-notch team to help me.

Our Team

Allison Tocci – I have known Allison since she was 10 years old. If I had a daughter, I would want her to be just like Al. She is incredibly detail oriented, organized, respectful, and professional. And, she keeps me laughing.

Chris Cronin Tocci – Yes, Chris is Al's mom. She's been working with me for five years. She is an excellent packer of everything from the most fragile china to children's precious stuffed animals.

Ellen Reed – What can I say about Ellen? She has been an invaluable coworker at MTaM for six years. Clients love her positive attitude, boundless energy, organizational and design skills, and yes, her quirky sense of humor. Ellen lives with her husband, Bill, her three energetic dogs, and 15 lovely birds.

Our Partners

In addition to our fantastic de-cluttering and organizing assistants, More Than a Move also has a dedicated crew of professional contractors, including a handyman, electrician, painter, landscaper, cleaners, and movers. Everyone on our team has a positive attitude and is a pleasure to work with.